Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Round Results from Competition #3

The votes are in. I did a little something different this time, though. While I was waiting for people to vote, I generated a set of votes based on user ratings on IMDB. While I may not do this again, it worked out fairly well this time. This extra set of votes had only two effects. First, we will include Touch of Evil in the next round rather than Groundhog Day. I think this was probably the right choice, even though Groundhog Day is a nice film, and I can clearly remember the first time I saw it. The second effect of this extra set of votes is that The Silence of the Lambs will be included in the next round rather than Throne of Blood. This choice seems a little more controversial, but those films were in a tough group. I think this choice is okay, due to the fact that we already have a few Kurasawa films included in our competition, and because I see Throne of Blood not so much as a great film, but as a film with a few truly inceredible scenes.

On a more personal note, I only got outvoted in a couple of groups. I did vote for Throne of Blood. What bothers me more, though, is the inclusion of Eating Raoul instead of Videodrome. I like them both, but I voted the other way around.

To see the full list of winners, view my previous post, where I have put the winners in boldface type. These 15 winners will now have to compete against our previous top 25. I will post the groups for round two soon. Possibly tonight. More likely I will wait a day or so. We shall see.

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