Thursday, February 26, 2009

Round Three

With a little help from my friends I've chosen the four extra films that will complete my first official top 25 list. The films are

The Deerhunter
Dr. Strangelove
Seven Samurai

One observation: I was wrong about which group had the great films. I mentioned groups D and F, I think. It turns out that all but one of the films in group G made it to the top 25.

Before going any further, I'd like to point out that every film that made it to the top 25 list is excellent, and it's a shame I have to throw out even one, not to mention fifteen films to make a top ten list. But I'll do it. Here's how. I've randomly divided the 25 films into five groups of five. With one exception I've made sure that no two films that were in the same group during round 2 are in the same group during round 3. I had to make one exception because of the six films that made it from group G. One of the round 3 groups has to contain 2 of those films.

The selection will proceed somewhat differently from the previous two rounds. From each of the five groups, we need to pick the best film. Those five films automatically make the top ten. We will also pick 2 runners-up from each group. From those 10 runners-up, we'll select five to complete the top ten list.

Another observation: Group B seems quite violent.

The groups are listed below. Send me your votes, please.

Group A)
Cool Hand Luke
Dr. Strangelove
The City of Lost Children

Group B)
Seven Samurai
Straw Dogs
A Clockwork Orange

Group C)
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Run Lola Run
Midnight Cowboy
The Lord of the Rings

Group D)
The Third Man
Blade Runner
A Face in the Crowd

Group E)
Blue Velvet
My Life as a Dog
The Deerhunter


Escape Goat said...

My picks

Group A

Group B
Seven Samurai

Group C
Midnight Cowboy

Group D
The Third Man

Group E
My Life as a Dog
(Even though I think The Deerhunter
is a more important film)

L. Chupacabra said...

I agree with Escape Goat 3 out of 5 times, so I guess that's pretty good. More details soon.