Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'd like to recap the results of the four Film Fights we've had. Of the 124 films that we've voted on, 20 have appeared on at least one top ten list. I've listed these 20 films below, along with the number of times each has made it to the top ten. Congratulations to the 3 films that appeared on all four top ten lists. They must be pretty good.

My intention was to make a composite top ten list. I think the 9 films that have appeared on more than one top ten list should probably be included. Originally, I was going to say that films introduced in competition 3 or 4 (indicated with an asterisk) should be given some extra consideration, but now that I see the results, I don't think either of those would be my personal choice. Actually, I don't know which I would include as #10. Quite possibly Yojimbo, but there are a few other films on that list that I might pick instead. You pick your own #10 from that list, okay?

It's been fun. As I said before, I might do Film Fight #5 some day, but it won't be any time soon.

4 2001: A Space Odyssey
4 My Life as a Dog
4 The Third Man
3 Brazil
3 Cool Hand Luke
3 The Godfather
3 Midnight Cowboy
3 Seven Samurai
2 Blade Runner
1 Casablanca*
1 Citizen Kane
1 City of God*
1 A Clockwork Orange
1 Dr. Strangelove
1 A Face in the Crowd
1 M
1 Ran
1 Run Lola Run
1 To Kill a Mockingbird
1 Yojimbo

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