Friday, April 10, 2009

Results: Fight #4, Round 2

Well, a classic film has been voted out of our competition after a good run. We must say farewell to The Wizard of Oz. As a salute, I offer the following video. I recommend that you view it, even if you're not into Bobby McFerrin.

The inclusion or non-inclusion of IMDB "votes" had no real effect in this round. Officially, I am including them. I am also negating their effect. You see, in Group F, without the IMDB votes, Trainspotting makes it to the next round. With the IMDB votes, M makes it to the next round instead. But this is the round in which I get to rescue one film from the chopping block, or cutting room floor, if you prefer. So I will count the IMDB votes, but I will use my rescue vote to include Trainspotting in the final 25.

As usual, I have put the actual group winners in boldface type in my previous post. In my next post (tomorrow), I will place the final 25 films in their groups for the final competition. So come back soon.

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