Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Results of Film Fight #4

We have winners. Escape Goat and I were each right about the group of death, in different ways. Escape Goat is right, because I've chosen to keep both of the runners-up from group D as top ten films. I'm right because, without IMDB votes, group A has a four-way tie for second place, with #1 not far ahead. Even with the IMDB votes it's a close call. By the way, I'm not officially counting IMDB votes, but I did use them to break some ties, such as the one in group A. (I do have enough votes with counting IMDB. Bill voted on paper Sunday night.)

Before I give you the results, I wish to point out that I will write one more post, sort of a recap of... well, just come back in a couple days and see.

The winners of the five final groups are

2001: A Space Odyssey
The Godfather
My Life as a Dog
Seven Samurai

A while back, I got an anonymous comment opining that 2001 doesn't belong on an all-time top ten list. But Anonymous never came back to vote, and 2001 keeps winning.

It was fairly easy for me to pick films 6 through 9, but number 10 was a bit tough. I finally decided to give the nod to a film that, while excellent, hasn't made it to the top ten before. Selected from the 10 runners-up, the bottom half of top ten list #4 is (in alphabetical order)

City of God
Cool Hand Luke
Midnight Cowboy
The Third Man

There you have it. Again, please remember to come back in a couple of days to read the final post.

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